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How Much Does Water Damage Restoration Cost in Hicksville, NY?

Even the smallest water leak can wreak quite a bit of havoc on a house. If left unnoticed for too long, homeowners could quickly find themselves with thousands of dollars in damage. However, the exact water damage cost can vary greatly from one job to another. For that reason, many homeowner have no idea how much to expect to pay for their water damage restoration in Hicksville, NY.

There are many factors that can influence the total cost of water damage repairs, but the location of the house is one of the biggest. In general, homeowners who live in or near larger cities will expect to pay more for these services than someone who lives in a smaller, more rural area. The national average for a water damage restoration is $3,476 according to research by Angi.

What about in Hicksville, NY?

Residents of this town on Long Island in New York can expect to pay slightly more than the national average. To learn more about what influences the total cost, homeowners should keep reading this pricing guide from Disaster Recovery 247 Specialist.

Factors That Impact a Water Damage Cost

To better understand how companies price their restoration services, customers need to know which factors have the largest impact on the final quote. Though there are many smaller influences, homeowners should expect most of the pricing decisions to be based on:

  • The Type of Water in the Home
  • The Size of the Affected Area
  • The Severity of the Water Damage


Type of Water

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has set the standard for water classifications by dividing damage into three separate categories. Some categories are more difficult to clean up than others, so homeowners can expect to pay more for them. 

In fact, prices increase from Category 1 clean water to Category 3 black water, which is the hardest to clean because of harmful contaminants. Category 2 grey water might not contain as many harmful contaminants, but it can have waste or cleaning products that make it more expensive to clean than Category 1 water damage.  

Size of the Affected Area

Water damage restoration costs can also vary based on how far the water damage spread throughout the home. If it was only contained to a single room, it can typically be cleaned up much faster and for a lower price than a whole-house flood. Many contractors will base their price on the cost per square foot, so it’s important that they measure the space for an accurate quote. 

Class of Water Damage

Another major factor to consider when calculating a water restoration cost is the class of damage. Some people also refer to this as the extent or severity of damage. It can be broken down into four different classes, including: 

  • Class 1: This category is reserved for minimal damage that homeowners can usually DIY or hire a contractor for a small price. It might be caused by something like a small leak in the sink or utility room.
  • Class 2: This damage usually includes soaked building materials throughout a whole room. The water usually goes up the wall at least a foot and requires both cleanup and repairs.
  • Class 3: More severe cases can be categorized as class 3 water damage. These jobs might involve heavy saturation of ceilings, floors, walls, and maybe even subflooring or insulation.
  • Class 4: The worst damage occurs when water sits in a house for an extended period of time. The longer it takes to respond to the damage, the more likely there will be secondary issues like mold or rot. As a result, these jobs take more time and money to complete.


The Average Water Damage Cost in Hicksville, NY

With all of that being said, homeowners in Hicksville, NY can expect to spend an average of $3,948 for their water damage repairs. However, the normal range usually falls somewhere between $1,373 and $6,609. 

On the very low end for minor damage, the water damage cost could be just $500. If the damage is more severe or involves more luxury materials, homeowners could expect to pay $18,000 on the high end. 

Learn More About How Much Water Damage Restoration Costs in Hicksville, NY

Hicksville, NY homeowners don’t have to guess when it comes to calculating their water damage restoration costs. Instead, they can reach out to Disaster Recovery 247 Specialists to request a free quote for their services. The company is easy to reach by phone for 24/7 emergency services, or customers can take a moment to submit their project details through the online form

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