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Common Causes of Water Damage in Long Island

The Insurance Information Institute reports that about 14,000 people will experience water damage every day in the United States. That might seem like a high number, but the reality is that there are many different things that can lead to water intrusion events. The only way to prevent it from happening is by learning more about these causes.

Fortunately, Disaster Recovery 24/7 Specialists can take the guesswork out of water damage prevention. They have plenty of experience as a professional water damage company in Long Island, NY. Long Island customers should keep reading this guide to learn more about some of the most common causes of water damage and the steps that can be taken to stop it before it occurs.

Leaking Pipes or Fixtures

A leaking plumbing system is one of the leading causes of water damage in Long Island homes. These leaks can happen when old pipes start to rust and corrode. They can also be caused by high pressure, bad connections, and extreme temperature fluctuations. In fact, freezing winter temperatures can cause a major pipe to burst and flood a home. 

While a broken pipe might seem like the worst-case scenario, it’s important to know that hidden water damage can be just as detrimental. The longer that it goes unnoticed, the more damage it can cause.

For that reason, it’s important that homeowners have their plumbing systems inspected. If any problems are spotted, they should be addressed right away before they can turn into a major water damage event. 

Heavy Rains or Storms

Homeowners may find that the weather is another reason to contact a water damage company. Long Island is no stranger to heavy rains and storms. While most homes might be protected from the elements, clogged gutters or damaged roofs can make them vulnerable to water intrusions. 

Heavy rainfall and severe weather can also cause flooding. Unfortunately, that type of flooding often can’t be prevented. However, there are several things homeowners can do to prevent water damage from other heavy rain events.

Clear gutters are often a home’s first line of defense. Homeowners should make sure that there are no leaves, animal nests, or other debris clogging their gutter systems. Roofs should also be inspected regularly to make sure there isn’t damage from winds, hail, or tree limbs.

Overflowing Toilets or Sinks

Since there are several plumbing fixtures in bathrooms, it should come as no surprise that this is an area where water damage is very common. In fact, toilets, sinks, and shower drains can easily become clogged. When this happens, the water can overflow and flood the bathroom floor. Not only does this cause water damage, but it also puts people at risk for exposure to hazardous contaminants.

To prevent this water damage, homeowners should regularly clear and check drains that are working slower than usual. They should also make sure that items aren’t flushed down the toilet that don’t belong there.

Malfunctioning Appliances

Household appliances like washing machines, hot water heaters, and water filters are all designed to make life easier, but they can cause quite a dilemma when they malfunction. They can have bad connections, corrosion, or other damage that causes leaks or flooding. 

For those reasons, homeowners need to make sure that they check and maintain their appliances regularly. Connections and old hoses should be replaced as needed, and repairs should be made as quickly as possible.

Backed up Sewer Lines

A sewer backup is one of the worst water intrusion events because of the level of contamination. Unfortunately, they can happen when homeowners least expect it. Not only can hidden tree roots damage the drain lines, but the lines can also become clogged with debris from storms.

A regular sewer system inspection can help to correct these problems before a backup occurs. Otherwise, homeowners can install sump pumps and flood detection sensors to help protect the home when a sewage backup happens.

Damaged Foundation

Over time, foundations can shift and weaken. Eventually, they can suffer cracks that leave the home susceptible to water damage from rain or groundwater. If the damaged foundation isn’t repaired quickly, homeowners could end up with major water damage and mold problems in their basements and crawl spaces. 

Contact Disaster Recovery 24/7 Specialists for Help With Water Damage Restoration 

Homeowners who have already experienced a leak or flood shouldn’t hesitate to contact a local water damage company. Long Island customers can call Disaster Recovery 24/7 Specialists to request emergency assistance any time of day or night. They can also submit the company’s online contact form if they would like a free quote or more information on services.

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